At Next Play we believe in negotiating with integrity and the power of authentic and honest partnership. We live in a world where ambassadors, brands and consumers are more interconnected than ever.

As veteran brand marketing executives we understand the unique relationship between a brand, their customer base and a potential ambassador partner. 

We go beyond the typical "what can you do for us and this what we're willing to pay you" conversation that happen between brands and potential partners and take a step further. 

We truly believe that inviting an ambassador into your brand is just like inviting someone into your family, therefore the partnership must be truly authentic and create value for both parties in order for it to truly resonate with a customer base. 

When a partnership is forced, we know that a brands' loyal customer base can feel it. 

We work to identify and create meaningful partnerships for our clients that increase a brands' awareness amongst their ideal constituents, current base and ultimately bottomline.

We'd rather walk away from a deal than put something together that just doesn't fit or bring value regardless of the commission/fees.